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Menopause is a fact of life. It will happen at sometime in your life and most women feel the miserable symptoms that the loss of your natural hormone supply will cause. This natural course of life can start in the 30’s or not until the 50’s, but it WILL happen. The right hormones, that is, the same hormones your body used to produce in sufficient quantity so you did not feel the effects of hormonal imbalance. Your overall health, prevention of disease and to live a good quality of life, your body relies on having these hormones in the correct quantity and in the right balance.


1. Hot Flashes/Night Sweats.
2. Tiredness and fatigue.
3. Weight gain.
4. Vaginal dryness.
5. Mood swings & Depression.
6. Loss of libido, interest in sex.
7. Sleeping problems, insomnia.

This is just a small listing of the major symptoms, but if you are experiencing any or even just a couple of these symptoms, most likely your hormones are unbalanced. The impact of not having the hormones in your system affects almost every major function in your body. As you may recall, in grade school or high school’s biology or chemistry courses, your teacher described hormones as “the body’s messengers”. Simply put this is true, so if you do not have the correct messages being sent out; your body will malfunction in some way.


Hormone Replacement Therapy is the science of replacing these hormones with exact replicas made from natural ingredients. We measure all these hormones, replace them by way of gels or capsules which brings your body back to a state of wellness.

The benefits of HRT are very hard to describe in a short space on a web page. We get so very accustomed to the way we feel, that we forget how good it is to feel really well and happy again. We will discuss all of this when you start treatment.

Just as important as relief from the symptoms of menopause is the protection the hormones provide your body from osteoporosis, heart disease, breast cancer, and many other disease states. Having all your hormones in proper balance can achieve this and more.

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