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Yes men, it is true. Males suffer from the loss of hormones just as women do. After all, we are all human beings, built in pretty much the same fashion, so why shouldn’t males lose their crucial hormones just as women do? Aging does many things and losing production of your hormones is the cause of many of these unwanted effects. It has been estimated that men lose 2-4% of their testosterone per year, beginning in the 20’s.

Hormones are the body’s messengers. They tell the body how to run your bodily functions. If the wrong signals are there, or are missing, your body will not function properly. So after all, Male Andropause can be just as complicated as a female’s menopause.

Men feel the symptoms of this change differently than women. They are more subtle, less obvious and for the most part, tolerable without seeking medical treatment. Men are also less likely to complain about these changes and pass them off as “I’m just growing older; this is the way it’s supposed to be.” We get very used to the way we feel, that we do not recognize these changes. The loss of these hormones though, is just as hazardous to a man’s overall health. So what are the most common symptoms? Look at the list below and see how you measure up!


1. Lack of energy, motivation.
2. Weight gain in the abdomen.
3. Sleeping disorders.
4. Depression, mood changes.
5. Lack of libido or interest in sex and/or ability.
6. Memory loss.
7. Loss of muscle mass.
8. Thinning hair.

Naturally there are other symptoms as well, but only a physician specifically trained in the treatment of Andropause knows them and just how they relate to the loss of testosterone. Live Well MD has the current research, knowledge, proven experience, and facilities to bring your life back. You can LIVE WELL again, the way life should be!


Not only will you begin a second life, at the same time you will be protecting your body from the havoc the imbalance of all these different hormones causes. Studies have shown that replenishment or balancing of these vital hormones can delay and/or prevent diabetes, protect your cardiovascular system, protect your bones from osteoporosis, keep prostate problems from developing. One study has even suggested that testosterone replacement in particular will add years to your life!

So why wait? Andropause is real, it is not a fantasy.

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