Live Well, Now Is The Time!

• Powerful Plant-sourced Protein Complex
• Powerful Plant-sourced Omega Complex
• Natural Polyphenol Energy Blend
• High ORAC fruit and Vegetable Blend
• Organic Superfruit Complex
• Advanced Probiotic

Elation shake is the newest organic shake to enhance metabolism, while providing your body with vitamins, minerals, and other exotic nutrients to enhance energy production, control appetite, increase mental and physical stamina, and protect your body against unwanted toxins. Our advanced probiotic blend, in addition to chia seed and flax seed, provide digestive support and promote calorie control. Elation is the perfect supplement to any diet regimen. It promotes a lean physique using all-organic proteins and supports detoxification through the use of exotic phytonutrients.

A Lean Physique with NO BLOATING or CRAMPING: side effects commonly associated with Whey protein products.

• Organic Protein Blend (Hypoallergenic): Hemp Protein & Brown Rice Protein

• Polyphenol Complex to fight free-radicals: Cacao Bean, Green Tea & Brazilian Yerba Mate

• Plant Sourced Omega Complex to Fight Inflammation ad Strengthen Cardiovascular Health: Chia Seed, Flax Seed & Hemp Seed

• High ORAC Fruit and Vegetable Blend to balance body pH: Bananas, Carrots, Broccoli, Alfalfa & Apples

• Superfruit Complex to Fight Aging and Promote Mental Clarity: Acai berry, Goji berry & Pomegranate

• Advanced Probiotic Blend to Strengthen Overall Immunity and Improve Nutrient Absorption: Revolutionary Probiotic Technology & NO Refrigeration necessary

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